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Many of us have been guilty of cynicism, whether it's temporary or a part of our character. Given the many dire situations going on in the world these days, it might be easy to become cynical about life. The key is to not stay in that place.
Gratitude doesn't make problems and threats disappear. We can lose jobs, we can be attacked on the street, we can get sick. I've experienced all of those things. I remember those harrowing times at unexpected moments: My heart beats faster, my throat constricts. My body wants to hit something or run away, one or the other. But there's nothing to hit, nowhere to run. The threats are indeed real, but at that moment, they exist only in memory or imagination. I am the threat; it is me who is wearing myself out with worry. That's when I need to turn on the gratitude.
Science is proving that all of our technology is beginning to morph our brains toward shorter attention spans. Gone are the days of effectual talking head lectures, whether they are live or on video. Imagine now, more engaging content that fits on any screen, where learners can work on any platform, and switch back from their mobile device to the desktop, anytime.

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